Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

This semester I have changed greatly.  I have learned more about how to use the Mac applications. I have learned how to use the Kens Burn Effect, how to make things multi colored, and how to get answers to my questions simply by googling them. I have become slightly more social and will probably continue to be more social. I know that I have learned what certain people like or dislike.

I'm very proud of all of my pieces, but the one I"m most proud of was my RBOC opening scene. I think that the sound effects made it really stand out. There was so many things to take in to consideration, and I think that I made excellent choices.

One of my most challenging projects was my Industrial Revolution group presentation. I had some trouble with my group. I got really frustrated when my group started to fall behind. I have trouble working with laggers and people who oppose my ideas because they think theirs is better than mine. Personally, I would rather work alone, and possibly in pair. Large groups make it challenging to get my ideas in play, and usually the ideas that do get excepted in place of mine fall far below my work standards.

One of my favorite projects was the lorax. It was my favorite because it was based off something I wrote, therefore I didn't have a hard time planning out how I was to put the project together. I also knew how I want my project to look.

I hope that in the second semester I will learn how to use the rest of the Mac applications. I will also learn to do things without feedback.